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Rhodes University Transport Information

Rhodes University Transport


Airport to Rhodes/ return
Blunden Shuttles operate from Grahamstown to PE and return. They give students with a student card R50 discount, and essentially the price depends on the number of students going on each trip. According to the person I spoke to on the phone, it normally ends up around 2/3 students at a cost of R250 each but beware, a single person’s trip can be R700 each way.
You can contact them on 046 622 7939 (Grahamstown office) or 041 451 4803 (P.E.).
Rhodes to City of choice/return
Translux is pretty popular amongst students as the bus can be collected in Grahhastown (which negates getting into PE or EL), and travels overnight to Joburg and Durban. Its pretty safe and clean., and no, I am not paid to write that!
To give you an idea of prices, at the time this article was written, costs were:


  • Grahamstown to Durban R410 each way
  • Grahamstown to Joburg R480 each way

You can contact them on:

The Engineering, Mechanical and Transport section – at the top of Artillery Road near Jan Smuts Hall – carries out all engineering maintenance, including preventative maintenance of machinery and mechanical equipment. It is responsible for all vehicles and trailers in the University transport pool, as well as those belonging to University departments, administration and maintenance sections. View the Engineering Services A-Z. The Transport sub-section has two functions:



Transport office

The Transport Office is responsible for providing vehicles for University staff use. A manual booking request form is sent via Internal Mail. It is advisable to first phone the Transport Office to find out availabilty of vehicles before sending in a booking form.

Regulations setting out the procedure for obtaining pool vehicles and governing conditions which apply to their use are contained in the Rhodes University Consolidated Motor Transport Regulations, copies which are available from either the Estates Division or Transport Office.

Note: The Transport Office is not equipped or qualified to transport injured/ill staff or students to hospital.

Mechanical repairs and Maintenance of Vehicles

The Transport Section has a Mechanical Workshop where mechanical repairs and preventative maintenance is carried out on vehicles, trailers, etc belonging to the University Pool, Maintenance, Administration and Departments.

Those responsible for Administration and Department vehicles should make prior booking arrangements with the Mechanical Workshop for all servicing or repair work on vehicles under their control. For any urgent repairs the Mechanical Workshop staff may be contacted by telephone.

A limited emergency break-down service is available. View the Engineering Services A-Z

More info

  • Contact: RU extension 8234/6/8, steven.peter(at)
  • Manager: Mr Dave Martin, RU extension 8238, speed dial 5231, d.martin(at)
  • Map: search “Engineering” at
  • Searching for info? Go to the Search Box (top right side of this page)
  • Maintenance requests: authorised staff may submit an ONLINE REQUISITION


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