University of Stellenbosch NSFAS Details 2024

Note that from 2021 NSFAS will only pay out allowances to students in accredited accommodation. The university has already embarked on a process with landlords to, in the interim, register their accommodation and start a process of accreditation.


For more information on accreditation of accommodation please visit > accommodation > private accommodation.

Any enquiries can be forwarded to email: [email protected] 


Refunding of your family’s own contribution

The Centre for Undergraduate Bursaries & Loans (CUBL) will authorize a refund of your family’s contribution or portion of their payment, only if your student fee account will be settled (show a zero balance) after we have deducted your family’s contribution from the amount that was received from NSFAS up to date. Note that NSFAS makes multiple payments throughout the year per student. Students need to submit proof of their family’s payment via email together with the completed banking details form to CUBL at the following email address: [email protected] with the above title.

Credit on student fee account

The credit balance caused by the rebate on your accommodation will be refunded to NSFAS. Note that your food allowance will also be adjusted in terms of the national guidelines for food allowances to recipients of NSFAS-bursaries. All students staying in private accommodation or with their parents, receive a maximum allowance of R1,500 per month for food. Adjustments will be made from the date you have left your SU residence. Credits that were caused as a result of these adjustments will be refunded to NSFAS and is not available to the students to spend on food. Credits that were caused as a result discontinuation of modules as well as other top-up funding, will be reserved and paid back to NSFAS.

NSFAS Allowances 2024

1. Allowances for Private accommodation will take longer as the information provided needs to be verified.


2. Students who are receiving the Capped NSFAS funding (Those who were initially funded before 2018) will only receive their book allowance until we are able to determine their cost of study to pay out the balance.


The allowances set for 2024 in line with the DHET CRITERIA as follows:

Allowance CategoryAnnual AmountCampusMonths / PaymentsSelf-Catered ResCatered ResPrivate AccommodationHome
Study Materials (Once off)R5 200.00Stellenbosch & Tygerberg1R5 200.00R5 200.00R5 200.00R5 200.00
Accommodation (Max)R59 700​.00Stellenbosch10R5 970.00 pm
Tygerberg11R5 427.00 pm
Living AllowanceR15 000.00Stellenbosch10R1 500.00 pmR1 500.00 pmR1500.00 pm​
Tygerberg11R1 364.00 pmR1 364.00 pmR1364.00 pm
Incidental AllowanceR2 900.00Stellenbosch10R290.00 pm 
R3 190.00Tygerberg11R290.00 pm 
TravelR7 500.00Stellenbosch10R750.00 pm
Tygerberg11R682.00 pm


Allowances are paid for 10 months (February to November) and 11 months (January to November) for Stellenbosch and Tygerberg students, respectively.