Details Of Northern Cape Rural TVET College Application 2019

Details Of Northern Cape Rural TVET College Application 2019
Northern Cape Rural TVET College has five campuses namely,  De Aar Campus, Upington Campus, Kuruman Campus, Namaqualand Campus and Kathu Campus. 
Northern Cape Rural TVET College Campus is one of the strongest campuses in the area. The lecturing staff is dedicated and get exceptional results within the students. The College is a well equipped training facility with the best equipment money can buy. Northern Cape Rural TVET College has a student support devision that takes care of their students. When a student is not performing to his maximum or stay out of class the student support is notified and they follow up on their students. They also provide counseling, job opportunities and bursary services for students.
Nated Courses Northern Cape Rural TVET College

  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Management
  • Financial Management
  • Management Assistant
  • Finance, Economic and Accounting
  • Management

NCV Courses Northern Cape Rural TVET College

  • Office Administration
  • Hospitality
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  • Engineering and Related Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Boilermakers
  • Fabrication
  • Fitting and Turning
  • Automotive

Requirements Northern Cape Rural TVET College

  • Grade 9 Certificate or equivalent qualification for (NCV Courses)
  • Grade 9 Certificate with a 50% pass in Mathematics for ( Engineering NCV Courses)
  • Grade 10 with 50% in Mathematics OR Grade 11 with 40% in Mathematics for (Engineering Nated Courses)
  • Grade 12 Certificate or equivelen (For Nated Courses)

How to Apply

Contact Details Northern Cape Rural TVET College
Upington Campus

054 332 4711
Kuruman Campus
053 712 1691
Namaqualand Campus
027 744 1360
Central Office
054 332 1366
Kathu Campus
053 723 3281
De Aar Campus
053 631 0594